Day 50

Posted in WAB on October 1, 2011 by ceriath

The akinici are finished, which means the army is finally completed.

They will be listed on Ebay today. It looks like the rest of the army will be sold as most of the units have bids on them.

I’m going to take a break from WAB now and concentrate on SAGA and 7TV. I will start a seperate blog for this.

Hope you have enjoyed following the production of this army.

Cheers W.



Day 49

Posted in WAB on September 27, 2011 by ceriath

Managed to do quite a bit on the Akinci today so hope to have them finished this week.

Have listed the first few units on ebay, so hoping they will sell.

Managed my first run through of SAGA yesterday against Bill. We played a 4pt game Welsh vs Vikings. The vikings did what they do best and chewed through the poor Welsh. The game looks very promising, the mechanics are simple but lots of strategy too.

Hoping to get a few more games over the next couple of weeks.

Cheers W.

Day 48

Posted in WAB on September 22, 2011 by ceriath

Well the troops are back from their overseas campaign. Here’s how we got on.

Our “team” was Martin, Bob and me using Late roman, Sassanid Persian and Ottomans.

We each played 5 games and rotated the armies so that I ended up playing twice with the Ottomans, twice with the Sassanids and once with the Late Romans. I didn’t get off to a very good start when I was drawn against Andreas using Nomads. This was the one army that I didn’t want to face with the Ottomans as I knew I was going to get shot off the board whilst being unable to get into contact with the skirmishing horde. Sure enough it was a slow and painful death that resulted in an 18-2 defeat. Here is a pic of the early exchanges.

Game 2 I was drawn vs Tony and the evil Achanian Franks, a very tough army. This was a very close and hard fought game that could have gone either way. Eventually the Ottomans got lucky and managed to squeak a win 14-6. Here’s a picture of the initial dispositions.


Game 3 I switched over to using the Sassanids vs Xavier and his Normans. A good match up for the Sassanids and a hard opponent for the Normans resulting in a comfortable 18-2 win.

Game 4 it was my turn to use the Late Romans vs a hairy horde of barbarians. A good game vs my german opponent and I was pleased with a 16-4 win.

Game 5, back to the Sassanids against top player Graham (also using Sassanids). A very very close game that I eventually won 12-8.

So overall I was very pleased with 4 wins out of 5 games and a score of 62pts. The team finished a creditable 4th.

A view from the Ottoman back ranks.

It was good to catch up with old friends and also meet new ones.

So, next step is to finish the Akinci this week and then get the m ready for Ebay.

Cheers W.

Day 47

Posted in WAB on September 15, 2011 by ceriath

Not much progress over the last couple of days. Sadly, the Akinci aren’t going to be ready in time so won’t be making the trip. I have started them and they will be the first figures to be finished on my return.

Apparently there are 43 entries for the event, split 18 Ancients, 15 Dark Age, 10 Medieval. There are 6 team entries with two each representing France, Germany and the UK. Following feedback, some of the scenarios have been tweaked to make them more playable.

Just packing now ready for an early start tomorrow. Obviously I won’t be posting for a few days but will take the pocket camera as I’m sure there will be some very nice miniatures at the event.

Wish us luck.

Cheers W.

Day 46

Posted in WAB on September 11, 2011 by ceriath

Back from Colours. Very enjoyable and closely fought competition with every player still in with a chance of winning going into the final game. My results on Day 2 were;

Game 4: 18-14 win vs Swiss, could have been better but even the Hochmeister can’t help when you roll 11, 12 and 12 for panic tests!

Game 5: 32-0 win vs Yorkist, all or nothing charges from the Bruder into the english archers caused panic throughout the ranks and the general fled off table taking most of the army with him.

Final placings were; David 3rd (Burgundian), Graham 2nd (Bugar) and Me 1st (Teutons). Well chuffed !

Top sports went to fellow club member Richard in his first ever WAB event.

Cheers W.

Day 45

Posted in WAB on September 10, 2011 by ceriath

No painting today as at Colours competition. Three games so no time to look around the show itself.

First game, remarkably managed to beat the Bulgars !, 27-5. Very surprised with that.

Second game, lost against the Swiss, 19-13, not surprised with that

Third game, lost against Burgundian 22-10, quite surprised with that.

Despite two losses the leaderboard is very close

David 52pts, Richard and Tony 51pts, Me 50pts, Dave 49pts, Graham 37pts. So all players still in with a realistic chance.

Tomorrow I have the Swiss in game 4 and the Yorkists in game 5. Must try and use my superior manouverability to better effect than I did today.

Will take camera and post some pics tomorrow.

Cheers W.

Day 44

Posted in WAB on September 9, 2011 by ceriath

Pleased to report that the Ottoman banners sold on Ebay (all to the same chap). I’ve added some extra banners for him as I had some spare. Pleased that they are going to be used.

Sassanids all packed  and ready to go. Ottomans part packed. Armies wil be handed over this weekend at the Colours show to chum Paul who has kindly offered to drive them out to Strasbourg – top chap.

A little bit of progress with the Akinci but just in case I don’t get them done I have asked event organiser Alex to have some spare figures on standby for us to use.

Just finished getting everything ready for this weekends competition at the “Colours” show. We only had 5 entries which means I have to play to make it even numbers. Runners and riders are;

Graham (Bulgar), Dave (Swiss), Tony (Swiss), David (Burgundian), Richard (WoTR), Me (Teutons). I pretty much expect that this will be the finishing order, can’t see anyone getting close to the Bulgars.

I’ve played Teutons quite a bit, including at the WAB GT,  so I know there not a competition army. I’ve gone for a slightly different mix than what I usually take. Here is my 2500pt list.

1 x Gen, 1 x ASB (both lovers, not fighters)

12 Units mixed cav with 6 knights (front rank) and 6 Turkopoles (2nd rank)

2 Units x 9 Turkopoles

1 x 24 spearmen

1 x 18 spearmen

2 x 9 crossbow

Anything other than a bottom 3 finish will be a miracle !

Rams on the box tomorrow, away at Coventry. Really hope we can get 3pts from this one.

Cheers W.